2008 CLOTHES / 衣服

Touched by Strangers is an immersive performance piece, attempting to question the shape of future performative work by redefining the boundaries between audience and performers.



Touched by Strangers begins with two dancers at the center of the venue, amongst the audience. Interaction, and subsequent unfolding of the performance, occurs by touching the performers bodies. With each touch, enormous flowers bloom on screen accompanied by a sound and continue to bloom as the touch lingers.


The dancers, without words, move amongst the audience. Their performance is also essential, by approaching a quiet viewer and drawing them in they are the gate keepers of the flowers. Touched by Strangers is immersive, incorporating visuals, sounds, scent and touch. The finale of Touched by Strangers begins with the dancers embracing, which triggers an explosion of blooming flowers and the finale song which represents the sum of the audiences previous interaction. Boundaries between performers and audience members are broken down as they work together to unfold the piece. Socialization also occurs between audience members, who are likely be strangers, which helps build a sense of community in the space. Touched by Strangers is meant to be beautiful and thought provoking, but also uses technology in a beneficial manner by drawing people together.


Cotton jersey, conductive ribbon, wireless radio, custom circuit, conductive fabric, conductive thread, openframeworks.


Size: custom tailored


Collaborator: Yutaka Kitamura


Many thanks to...
Jumpsuits: Laura Moore, Pratt Institute with the assistance of Sarah Lind, Pratt Institute
Music: Ithai Benjamin
Dance: Rory Nugent and Marie Yagami
Support: Bekaert, provider of conductive thread