2008 CLOTHES / 衣服

Golden butterflies flap in tandem with the wearer's heartbeat...

You are gorgeous and cutting-edge in the Butterfly Dress, catching looks and conversation as the butterflies on the dress flutter with your heartbeat even as you're reaching for your glass.

Silk organza, gold metallic linen, silver, brass, custom circuit, conductive ribbon, motor, rechargeable battery. The butterflies are laser cut and sketched from living species.

Size: 6 (US)

v2 of the dress was made with the generous support and skills of Laura Moore, Pratt Institute.



Any night out begins with a dance in the wardrobe to decide what delectables to wear. Where are you going? Who will you be meeting? How will you capture the attention of that gentleman across the room? What if your clothes could function as an ice-breaker and literally invite a conversation - or better yet - instigate him to do so? The Butterfly Dress is just that, a beautiful dress which catches attention, but also serves as your personal ambassador, even while you are preoccupied.

Clothes, which function as an insulating layer between their wearer and the outside world, are in the perfect position to instigate conversations beyond branding and style. The Butterfly Dress is aware of the heartbeat of her wearer. Using this data she controls the flapping of the golden butterflies attached to her surface. The magic is in the motion.

The Butterfly Dress is an exploration of fashion, interactivity and sociality. The dress itself is light and does not sacrifice form for function. The battery and butterflies are removable, making the dress washable - essential for wearability. The butterflies are attached modularly, allowing mood and situation to influence the personalization - and visual appearance of the dress.